CR125/250/500 Self Cleaning (301) JT sprocket []

CR125/250/500 Self Cleaning (301) JT sprocket []

$68.00 incl GST

DL1000/GSXR TJ Sprocket [AC]

DL1000/GSXR TJ Sprocket [AC]

$81.57 incl GST

GSX R750/1000 K2 JT sprocket [AC]

GSX R750/1000 K2 JT sprocket [AC]

$69.13 incl GST


Pirelli Heavy Duty inner tubes for motorcycles. Features: Heavy-duty inner tubes constructed from a durable natural rubber blend Excellent service and puncture resistance TR-type valve stems

Rim Locks & Rim Protectors

A rim lock will help keep that more aggressive tire from slipping on the rim under hard acceleration or braking, saving your inner tube's valve stem from being damaged. Plus, you'll be able...

TECH 7 Alloy Rim Lock

Moulded rubber flap to protect against abrasion of inner tube Ribbed alloy contact surface locks tyre securely to the rim Recommended for use on all off-road machines and any application using ...

VEE RUBBER Heavy Duty Tubes

Vee Rubber Ultra-Heavy Duty tubes Vee Rubber Off Road Ultra Heavy Duty tubes will reduce the chance of pinch flat puncture after hitting rocks, stumps or drop offs.  They are manufactured fro...

VEE RUBBER Inner Tubes

Vee Rubber Tubes Vee Rubber standard tubes are the best in the business.  Made in Thailand from quality rubber, these tubes are 1.5mm thick to help reduce punctures and last fo...