Colemans Riders TV | Alan Franklin Interview Part No#1

Friday, February 22, 2019

What an honour it was to sit with Alan Franklin on his last official day at Colemans Suzuki, and to be able to yarn about how he got into motorcycles, how he fueled his passion and the people he has touched along the way. Alan has been with the Colemans' set up for over 40 years and has viewed many changes in the motorcycle industry during this time.

He is sharp as a tack, with old school values to round this out, with his wit and sense of humour making him a loveable character. Alan is well respected by all in the motorcycle industry and has made an impact in the speedway scene as well. His knowledge around motors is unquestionable, and combine that with his years of experience, it makes Alan a living legend.

A fascinating man with a massive load of stories touching on growing up, racing and winning, motorcycles, engines and people. Don't worry though, he still pops into the Colemans Suzuki store weekly, and if you do manage to catch up with him, tell him from us, he's ACE.




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