Chain & Sprockets

ARTRAX Case Saver

Available for late model Japanese MX bikes. Make: Honda: Kawasaki: Suzuki: Yamaha: Colour Red Green Gold Blue Part No MCSH02R MCSK04GN M...

ARTRAX Chain Roller

Reduce the friction dragging down your drivetrain. (See bike-specific application guide in Sprint3 Fitments) Available in: 32 & 42mm  

D.I.D 520VX2 X-Ring Chain

520ERV3 Racing Chain - X Ring - MADE IN JAPAN Half the Power Loss (Compared with Normal O-Ring) D.I.D’s PATENTED X-Ring construction reduces friction by twisting between the side plates inst...

DID Chain & JT Sprockets Kit

Two of the Great market leader, DID Chains and JT Sprockets have combined to give you the ideal retail package for your customer. DID Chain:-  D.I.D motorcycle chains used under the most rig...

DID Go-Kart Race Chain

Excellent wear resistance, fatigue strength, silencing effect and shock strength capable of withstanding high speed operation.  Designed for superior durability at high rpm Special Dai-ha...

DID Race Chain for MX & Enduro Racing

DID Motocross Chain - Made in Japan The 520MX boasts our highest rated tensile strength among non-sealed chains at 8,930 lbs. Perfect for the beating that chains take during tough, off-road races....

TECH 7 Sprocket Front

TECH 7  -  Sprocket Front

TECH 7 Sprocket Rear

TECH 7  -  Sprocket Rear

TECH 7 Sproket Bolts and Nuts

Dress up your tired old lookng sprocket nuts & bolts