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From bike leathers to motorcycle tyres, batteries and windscreens, Colemans Suzuki motorbike shop in Auckland stocks a huge range of motorcycle accessories and parts. We’ll deliver free throughout New Zealand for orders over $99.

Browse our selection now of ATV, road and off-road motorcycle accessories. For safety, comfort and style, we stock quality motorcycle clothing, including a huge selection of SCOTT Enduro Pants.

Aprilia Fender Extender

Front fender Extender

$59.00 incl GST

BMW Fender Extender

Front Fender Extender

$59.00 incl GST

Ducati Fender Extender

Front Fender Extender

$59.00 incl GST

Harley Fender Extender

Front fender extender

$59.00 incl GST

Honda Fender Extender

Front Fender Extender

$59.00 incl GST

Kawasaki Fender Extender

Front Fender Extender

$59.00 incl GST

KTM Fender Extender

Front fender extender

$59.00 incl GST

Moto Guzzi Fender Extender

Front fender extender

$59.00 incl GST

Suzuki Fender Extender

Fenda Extenda for your Suzuki

$59.00 incl GST

Triumph Fender Extender

Fenda Extenda

$59.00 incl GST

Yamaha Fender Extender

Front Fenda Extenda

$59.00 incl GST

ABUS 24/70 Disc Lock

The famous Abus Diskus, a true general purpose padlock. Round Shape plus narrow shackle opening make this lock highly resistant to cutting and grinding attacks. Double locking 10mm shackle made fr...

ABUS 8KS & 10KS Motorcycle chain

Hardened steel motorcycle chain. Fabric sleeved to prevent damaged to paintwork. Available in 8mm 8KS and 10mm 10KS thickness’s. ABUS chains are made from virgin steel and are hardened using ...

ABUS City Chain

9 mm hexagonal chain with fabric sleeve to prevent damage to the motorbike's paintwork. The chain, the lock body as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of Abus’s...

ABUS Provogue 300 Disc Lock

Specifically developed for large scooters or smaller motorbikes the Provogue 300 features a 10 mm steel bolt made of ABUS’s special temper hardened steel. Easy one handed operation due to big...

ABUS Provogue 305 Disc Lock

Specifically developed for urban scooters the Provogue 305 features a 5 mm steel bolt steel bolt made of ABUS’s special temper hardened steel. Easy one handed operation due to big closing but...

ABUS Waterproof Brass Padlock

Useful multi-purpose waterproof padlock. Featuring a solid brass lock body and all inner components are made from rust free materials. Sealed lock cylinder and internal drainage channels make this ...

ACERBIS 16462.030.700 Handlebar Fuel Tank

      Need to extend your fuel range? Then Acerbis have come up with a very simple solution. They have developed a 2.1lt tank that is mounted on your handlebars that feeds into ...

ACERBIS 13054 Rally Pro Handguard

    The Rally pro handguards are equipped with an aluminium bar for the strongest protection available. Aluminium guard for maximum strength. Nylon composite material injection m...

ACERBIS 13056 Multiplo E Handguard

    The enduro version of the Multiplo handguard is extremely resistant thanks to special hardening treatment used for the aluminium.  Due to the curved aluminium bar design, it&...

ACERBIS 13057 Rally Profile Handguard - Includes universal mounting kit

    Made in Italy. The original Acerbis handguards. Includes universal mounting kit. Colour:  Orange(010), White(030), Blue(040), Yellow(060), Black(090), Red(110), Green(...

ACERBIS 13709 X-Force Handguard

  ACERBIS - X-Force Handguard From the innovators of all things plastic comes the X-Force handguard.  Tested and tried by Acerbis sponsored riders.  Includes a removable spoil...

ACERBIS 16077 Rally Pro 3 Handguard

    ACERBIS - Rally Pro 3 Handguard The previous version has been optimised by the attachment to handlebars, design of the spoiler that follows the shape of the hand for optimum prot...

ACERBIS 5511 Minicross Rally Handguard

    ACERBIS - Minicross Rally Handguard Kids ride hard, hit trees, demolish bushes and let’s face it, kids break levers - and parents know money doesn't grow on trees. ...