Spares - Cables & Hoses

B & H Brake Hose & Fittings

Stainless steel, braided, hydraulic brake hoses with clear protective sheath and female threaded socket fitted permanently on each end.  There is a shortened range of banjos and fittings that ...

Cable Nipples

Barrel nipples. Thottle nipples. Carb end nipples. Mushroom nipples.

Inner Cable Wire

Available in: C12 - 1.2mmø x 20m C15 - 1.5mmø x 20m C20 - 2.0mmø x 20m C25 - 2.5mmø x 20m  

Outer Cable Vinyl

Available in: CT5B -  5mm x 100m CT5 -    5mm x 20m  CT7-  7mm x 20m Colour:  Black