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NGK J1 Cable joiner




NGK Spark Plugs manufactures all types of glow plugs featuring the latest technology in the reduction of exhaust gas emissions.

  • Designed for heavy-duty diesel-powered vehicles
  • Reduces exhaust gas emissions
  • Improves starting performance of diesel engines



Part # Description Price Stock
Y103V Kubota NGK Glow plug Y103V 2031 [A] $30.22 Ex Warehouse Enquire
Y1061 Kubota NGK Glow plug Y-106-1 (Y-106) 6525 [A] $30.22 Ex Warehouse Enquire
Y107V Mazda NGK Glow plug Y-107V 6628 [A] $30.22 Ex Warehouse Enquire
Y203V Kubota NGK Glow plug Y203V 7728 [A] $30.22 Ex Warehouse Enquire
Y2712 *Isuzu NGK Glow plug Y-271-2 (Y-271) 7467 [A] $30.22 Ex Warehouse Enquire
Y701J NGK Glow plug Y701J 5116 [] $30.22 Out of stock Enquire
Y702R Hinomoto tractor NGK Glow plug Y702R 1065 [A] $30.22 Ex Warehouse Enquire
Y715R Toyota Cressida/Crown/ Hi-Lux/L-Cruiser 2L 5376 [] $30.22 Out of stock Enquire
Y733J *NGK Glow plug Y-733J Indent 8944 [A] $47.57 Ex Warehouse Enquire
Y923U *Peugeot 306,406,605, boxed NGK Glow plug 3380 [A] $78.36 Ex Warehouse Enquire
YD05F NGK plug Cap YD05F 8454 [] $9.83 Out of stock Enquire
YE01 NGK Glow plug YE01 2649 [A] $30.22 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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