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ACERBIS Airbox Cover




Keep things dry while washing all the gunk out.

Available for :- Suzuki RM80/85 and Honda CR80/85


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Part # Description Price Stock
16898.237 Acerbis KTM Air Box Cover SX85 Replica [A] $99.50 Ex Warehouse Enquire
17202.203.016 Acerbis KTM Air box cover Orange/White [] $99.50 Out of stock Enquire
21747.011.016 Acerbis KTM Air box cover OEM SX/SX-F [A] $69.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
21747.030 Acerbis KTM Air box cover White SX/SX-F [A] $69.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
21747.090 Acerbis KTM Air box cover Black SX/SX-F [A] $69.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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