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ACERBIS 13056 Multiplo E Handguard

The enduro version of the Multiplo handguard is extremely resistant thanks to special hardening treatment used for the aluminium.  Due to the curved aluminium bar design, it's possible to make a quick lateral hand release from the grip bar in case of an emergency.  Available in various colourways, plastic part can be replaced, available as a spare part.

 The mounting kit is not included.

Colour:  White(030), Blue(040), Black(090) Orange(011)

Part # Description Price Stock
13056.011.016 *Multiplo E Enduro Orange2016 handguard Acerbis [C] $299.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
13056.090 *Black Multiplo E Enduro handguard Acerbis 090 [A] $299.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
13060.090 Rally Pro 11 X-strong mounting kit Acerbis [A] $99.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
6773 Multiplo mount expander Single Acerbis for ALL Bars [AC] $25.60 Ex Warehouse Enquire
7982.030 White replacement Acerbis handguard Multiplo E [] $29.90 Out of stock Enquire
7982.040 Blue replacement Acerbis handguard Multiplo E [A] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
7982.090 Black replacement Acerbis handguard Multiplo E [A] $27.20 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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