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ACERBIS 5511 Minicross Rally Handguard



ACERBIS - Minicross Rally Handguard

Kids ride hard, hit trees, demolish bushes and let’s face it, kids break levers - and parents know money doesn't grow on trees.  Kids now have their own wrap-around style handguard to help them do what they do, but do it a little safer.  The Minicross Rally is a must have for all young riders, and the parents that sponsor them. Double mounting system. Fits all 60/80cc models.

Colour:   White (030),   Black (090)


Part # Description Price Stock
5511.030 Mini brush handguard white Acerbis [A] $119.50 Out of stock Enquire
5511.090 Mini brush handguard black Acerbis [AC] $119.50 Out of stock Enquire

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