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PROGRIP Wheel Tape



Reflective and Fluorescent

Give your bike an aggressive sports look, Progrip wheel stripes also greatly increase your presence on the road. In low visibility conditions, particularly at night the stripes stand out when caught in headlights making it easier for you to be seen.  A major safety bonus!!

One roll for two wheels on both sides comes with applicator. 


Available colours : 

Reflective - White (W); Red (R); Blue (L)

Fluorescent - Yellow (Y); Green (GN)

Part # Description Price Stock
PG5025R Reflective Wheel tape red 7mmx6.5m(2wheels) Progrip [] $29.92 Out of stock Enquire
PG5025W Reflective Wheel tape white 6.5m (two wheels) [] $29.92 Out of stock Enquire
PG5025Y Fluro yellow Wheel tape Progrip 6.5m (two wheels) [C] $29.92 Out of stock Enquire

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