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KEITI Tank Pads - Universal

Keiti Tank Pads will help to protect your precious ride from wear and tear, while looking hot at the same time. The Keiti Tank Pads are manufactured using a UV resistant silkscreen printing process to prevent fading even after repeated exposure to bright sunlight, and an exclusively formulated non yellowing resin and 3D gel layer assure durability. The Keiti tank pad design looks great on various motorcycle models in basic carbon look and clear.

Part # Description Price Stock
KTP0002 KEITI TANK PAD U.K FLAG $32.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTP0008 KEITI TANK PAD ITALIAN FLAG KT008 $32.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTP0010 KEITI TANK PAD CLEAR KT1200 $32.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP0020 KEITI TANK PAD CARBON KT3100 $32.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP0130 KEITI TANK PAD BLACK KT1300 $32.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP0480 KEITI TANK PAD FLAME/CLEAR KT1220 $33.29 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTP1000 KEITI TANK PAD VORTEX/CLR KT1000 $29.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP1100 KEITI TANK PAD SPLASH/CLR KT1100 $29.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP1330 KEITI TANK PAD FLAME BLACK KT1330 $29.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTP1340 KEITI TANK PAD FLAME YELLO KT1340 $14.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP3300CFS KEITI TANK PAD 3D CARBON LOOK $35.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTP3500CFS KEITI TANK PAD CARBON 3D EXPANDED $35.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP5800 KEITI TANK PAD SKULL KT5800 $29.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTP6500R KEITI TANK PAD JOKER RED KT6500R $29.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP6700 KEITI TANK PAD LADY REAR KT6700 $29.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP7100 KEITI TANK PAD REAPER RIDER $29.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTP7200 KEITI TANK PAD RACING GIRL $29.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTP7400 KEITI TANK PAD REAPER SKULLS $29.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTP8280 KEITI TANK PAD 2 DRAGONS KT8280 $29.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTP8460 KEITI TANK PAD REAPER GAME OVER KT8460 $33.29 Out of stock Enquire
KTP8480 KEITI TANK PAD BIKINI MODEL ON BIKE KT8480 $33.29 Out of stock Enquire
KTP8490 KEITI TANK PAD BLONDE LADY REAR KT8490 $33.29 Out of stock Enquire
KTP8570 KEITI TANK PAD BLONDE 2017 $34.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTPSM1230B KEITI TANK PAD SML BLUE $29.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTPSM1230C KEITI TANK PAD SML CLEAR $29.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTPSM1230CB KEITI TANK PAD SML CARBON $29.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTPSM1230G KEITI TANK PAD SML GREEN $29.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTPSM1230K KEITI TANK PAD SML BLACK $29.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTPSM1230R KEITI TANK PAD SML RED $29.99 Out of stock Enquire
KTPSM1230S KEITI TANK PAD SML SILVER $29.99 Ex Warehouse Enquire
KTPSM1230Y KEITI TANK PAD SML YELLOW $29.99 Out of stock Enquire

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