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Spark Plug Caps (Resistor Covers)

We have a diverse range of resistor caps from straight to right angle cap which are waterproof rubber.

By keeping an eye on resistor covers you can do the whole tune-up job properly. We all know that spark plugs need to be changed during a tune-up, but how often do you check your resistor covers?

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Part # Description Price Stock
VD05EM NGK plug Cap VD05EM TRX420 4674 [AC] $24.85 Ex Warehouse Enquire
CR4 NGK plug Cap (TB05EM) & Lead CR4 8054 [] $45.20 Out of stock Enquire
LBERR NGK plug Cap LBER-R (LBER) 8307 [AW] $15.91 Ex Warehouse Enquire
LB05E NGK plug Cap LB05E 8031 [AW] $8.75 Ex Warehouse Enquire
LB05EH NGK plug Cap LB05EH 8334 [AWC] $8.75 Ex Warehouse Enquire
LZEH NGK plug Cap LZEH [AC] $5.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
LB05F NGK plug Cap LB05F 8051 [AW] $8.75 Ex Warehouse Enquire
LB-F NGK plug Cap LB-F LB-F 8309 LBF [A] $8.75 Ex Warehouse Enquire
LD-F NGK plug Cap LD-F 8311 [AW] $8.75 Ex Warehouse Enquire
LZ01F NGK plug Cap LZ01F 8366 [AWC] $8.75 Ex Warehouse Enquire
LZ05F NGK plug Cap LZ05F 8368 [AWC] $8.75 Ex Warehouse Enquire
LZFH NGK plug Cap LZFH [AWC] $5.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
SB05E NGK plug Cap SB05E 8374 [AC] $9.83 Ex Warehouse Enquire
SD05FM NGK plug Cap SD05FM 8392 [AWC] $30.40 Ex Warehouse Enquire
SZ05F NGK plug Cap SZ05F 8396 [AWC] $9.83 Ex Warehouse Enquire
TB05EMA NGK plug Cap TB05EMA black 8636 [AWC] $29.51 Ex Warehouse Enquire
TB05EMB NGK plug Cap TB05EMB blue 8084 [AWC] $29.51 Ex Warehouse Enquire
VB05F NGK plug Cap VB05F 8032 [AWC] $10.73 Ex Warehouse Enquire
VBF NGK plug Cap VB-F 8913 [A] $10.73 Ex Warehouse Enquire
VD05F NGK plug Cap VD05F 8052 [AWC] $10.73 Ex Warehouse Enquire
VD05FMH NGK plug Cap VD05FMH 8425 [AC] $29.51 Ex Warehouse Enquire
XZ05F NGK plug Cap XZ05F XZ01F 8444 [AWC] $11.07 Ex Warehouse Enquire
YB05F NGK plug Cap YB05F 8082 [AC] $9.83 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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