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Tools - Oil Filter Wrenchs /Screwdriver and Suspension Wrench



Daytona  tools made in Japan

Description: Part no:
     Oil filter wrench for SF4005 (old part nr 13398) - Daytona (made in Japan) 36376
     Oil filter wrench for SF3009 (old part nr 24729) - Daytona (made in Japan) 36377
     Oil filter wrench - Ducati - Daytona (made in Japan) 44294
     Oil filter wrench - V-Rod Evo -76mm(3")-14 Flutes - Daytona (made in Japan)  44295

Part # Description Price Stock
36376 *Oil Filter Wrench fits Dayton SF4005/HF303/HF204/HF128 [C] $22.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
36377 Oil Filter Wrench fits SF3009/HF138 Daytona [AC] $29.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
44294 Oil Filter Wrench Ducati 44440034A 8 point Daytona [AC] $22.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
44295 Oil Filter Wrench V-Rod Evo, Twin cam Daytona [AC] $29.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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