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TECH 7 Rotor Bolt Kits



Complete rotor bolt kits made from class 10.9 steel

Description Front Part No Rear Part No
Honda CR/CRF 4 x M6x19mm RB101 6 x M6x19mm RB107
Kawasaki KX/KXF and Suzuki RMZ 4 x M6x13mm RB202 4 x M8x 15mm RB203
KTM 6 x M6x 13mm RB504
Yamaha YZ/YZF 6 x M6x 12mm RB405 6 x M6x16mm RB406

Part # Description Price Stock
RB202 *Rotor Bolt Front KX/KXF kit 4pc M6x13mm Tech7 [AC] $10.85 Out of stock Enquire
RB405 *Rotor Bolt Front YZ/YZF kit 6pc M6x12mm Tech7 [AC] $10.00 Out of stock Enquire
RB406 *Rotor Bolt Rear YZ/YZF kit 6pc M6x16mm Tech7 [AC] $10.00 Out of stock Enquire

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