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ARTRAX Dirt Rotor with Pads

  • Laser-cut from high carbon content stainless steel for superior strength, lighter than most OEM rotors.
  • Tested in New Zealand conditions.
  • Unique shape allows for better heat dissipation for longer life of both rotor and pads.
  • Ground for precision.
  • Available in front and rear application.
  • Comes with Artrax disc pads.

Part # Description Price Stock
AX36017K1 Yam WR/YZ/YZF, Suz RM/DRZ disc fr AX36017,AX35185 [AC] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36017K2 Yam WR/YZ/YZF, Suz RM/DRZ disc fr AX36017,AX35135 [AC] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36032K1 KTM125-620 Brake Rotor disc fr AX36032,VD947JL [] $179.22 Out of stock Enquire
AX36035K1 KTM125-620 Brake Rotor disc rear AX36035,VD997JL [A] $149.46 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36035K2 KTM Brake Rotor disc rear AX36035,VD953JL [] $149.46 Out of stock Enquire
AX36037K1 Honda CR/CRF Brake Rotor disc fr AX36037,AX35185 [AC] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36157K1 Suzuki RM Brake Rotor disc rear AX36157,AX35131 [A] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36157K2 Suzuki RM Brake Rotor disc rear AX36157,AX35367 [A] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36190K1 Yamaha WR/YZ Brake Rotor disc rear AX36190,AX35131 [A] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36190K2 Yamaha WR/YZ Brake Rotor disc rear AX36190,AX35367 [A] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36191K1 Honda CR/CRF Brake Rotor disc rear AX36191,AX35346 [AC] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36213K1 Kawa KX/KX250F,Suz RMZ250 disc fr AX36213,AX35185 [AC] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36264K1 Kawa KX250/450F 06-08 disc fr AX36264,AX35185 [A] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36017K3 YZ250F/YZ450F 2008-2013 disc fr AX36017,AX35450 [AC] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX36254K1 Suz RMZ250 07-14 RMZ450 05-13 disc fr AX36254,AX35185 [A] $129.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AX39017FL Fr Brake Rotor disc RM125/25 0 DRZ250/400,YZ125/250/45 [A] $159.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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