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Still have good action in your forks, but your seals are leaking? Then a Pivot Works fork seal kit is just what you're looking for. Unlike our complete fork rebuild kits which include all the internal wear parts, our fork seal kits are simply comprised of our 1,000,000 stroke tested fork seals and wipers.

  • One kit does both forks legs.
  • Oil seal and dust wiper set 

More Info
Part # Description Price Stock
PWFSK-Z001 Fork seal kit Z001 Pivotworks 46x58x11.5 [AC] $94.60 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PWFSK-Z002 Fork seal kit Z002 Pivotworks 47x58x10 [] $85.14 Out of stock Enquire
PWFSK-Z003 Fork seal kit Z003 Pivotworks 48x58x10 [A] $94.60 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PWFSK-Z004 Fork seal kit Z004 Pivotworks 43x55x10 [A] $90.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PWFSK-Z005 *Fork seal kit Z005 Pivotworks [A] $90.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PWFSK-Z009 Fork seal kit Z009 Pivotworks 48x58x10 [AC] $94.60 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PWFSK-Z010 *Fork seal kit Z010 Pivotworks [AC] $67.94 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PWFSK-Z011 Fork seal kit Z011 Pivotworks [AC] $85.14 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PWFSK-Z012 *Fork seal kit Z012 Pivotworks 48x58x10 [A] $67.94 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PWFSK-Z014 Fork seal kit Z014 Pivotworks 36x48x8 [] $85.14 Out of stock Enquire
PWFSK-Z016 Fork seal kit Z016 Pivotworks [A] $85.14 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PWFSK-Z017 Fork seal kit Z017 Pivotworks 48x58x10 [A] $85.14 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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