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WIRTZ EZ-3 Clutch Lever Kit




EZ-3 Clutch Lever Kit

  • Unique design allows 30% and 50% less effort and pull ratio on the clutch. 
  • 3 holes on the lever to choose the amount of force on the pull.
  • Helps reduce finger, hand and arm fatigue.
  • Has a unique pivoting cable adjuster to positionthe angle of the cable to prevent cable rip.
  • 100% High strength Aluminum.
  • Silicone rubber grip is vulcanized to the lever, with constant use the rubber will wear down in places mostly used to form the shape of your fingers, becomes part of you in a comfortable way. 
  • Teflon sleeve insert, allows easy rotation to prevent demage.
  • Great for kids, women, small hands, street m/c’s with hard clutching, on- and off-road riding where the clutch is being used many times.

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