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WIRTZ Flex Levers




  • Recognize the benefits of having levers that don't break.
  • The levers have a pivot that is sprung loaded, just like the shift levers or the foot pegs which allow the lever blades to move when contact with a hard object or in the event of a fall.

  • Adjustable lock nuts, on both the brake and the clutch levers blades allow then to be positioned for different hand sizes and spans.

  • Finished in polished alloy these levers are available individually for brake (BFL) and clutch (CFL) or as a set (SFL).

Part # Description Price Stock
BFL001 Flex brake universal CR/ CRF/YZ/YZF/KX/KXF/RM leve [] $37.00 Out of stock Enquire
CFL004 *Flex clutch YZ 80/85 [C] $37.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
CFL006 Flex clutch RM80/125/250 RMZ250 DRZ400 lever Wirtz [AC] $37.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
CFL007 *Flex clutch lever KTM all SX-EXC Wirtz [A] $37.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
SFL101 *Flex set CR-CRF125/250/ 450 lever set Wirtz [AC] $75.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
SFL103 Flex set CR/80/85/125/250 CRF450 XR250/400 lever [A] $75.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
SFL105 Flex set KX/KX250F/RMZ250 YZ250F/WR250 Wirtz [] $75.00 Out of stock Enquire
SFL107 Flex set KX85/125/250 KX250F RMZ250 lever Wirtz [] $75.00 Out of stock Enquire

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