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Italian made Dual density MX Grips now available in two new fluro colours. Black and Fluro Pink and Black and Fluro Green. The dual density ½ waffle grips are made harder against the handle bar to prevent the grips turning but use softer density gel on the grip. Hard wearing and resistant to weather and crash damage. Technology and comfort for your hands.

22-25mm Diameter and 115mm long.

Part # Description Price Stock
PG801BO Gel MX grips 115mm black/orange Progrip [C] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PG801BY Gel MX grips 115mm black/yellow Progrip [C] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PG801BR Gel MX grips 115mm black/red Progrip [AC] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PG801GB Gel MX grips 115mm grey/black Progrip [AC] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PG801GGN Gel MX grips 115mm grey/green Progrip [AC] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PG801GL Gel MX grips 115mm grey/blue Progrip [C] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PG801BG Gel MX grips 115mm black/grey Progrip [AC] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PG801BL Gel MX grips 115mm black/blue Progrip [] $29.90 Out of stock Enquire
PG801BGN Progrip Gel MX grips 115mm Black/Green Fluro Progrip [AC] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire
PG801BP Progrip Gel MX grips 115mm Black/Pink Fluro Progrip [AC] $29.90 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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