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Pirelli GTS 23 / 24

New sport-touring tyre for scooters from 125cc

• Optimised wet performance, increased contact area between ground and tyre and special contour derived from motorcycle sport-touring tyre to provide high-speed stability, outstanding cornering behaviour and excellent handling.
• Higher Mileage, even wear, excellent riding comfort and rolling noise reduction thanks to the new compound and tread pattern design.
• Two sizes with 0o steel radial technology to improve the high-speed stability, handling and steering precision.
• The first choice of many maxi-scooter manufacturers.

More Info
Part # Description Price Stock
TYS1212070GTS23 PIRELLI GTS23 |120|70~|12|51P| TL $92.60 Out of stock Enquire
TYS1214070GTS24 PIRELLI GTS24 |140|70~|12|65P| TL $94.72 Out of stock Enquire
TYS1311090GTS23 PIRELLI GTS23 |110|90~|13|56P| TL FR $103.99 Out of stock Enquire
TYS1312070GTS23 PIRELLI GTS23 |120|70~|13|53P| TL $92.86 Out of stock Enquire
TYS1614070GTS24 PIRELLI GTS24 |140|70~|16|65S| TL $123.58 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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