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Pirelli EVO 21 / EVO 22

Innovative sport-tyre line for scooters from 50 cc with 12” to 14” wheels.

• Polygonal central front groove for enhanced water drainage and continous feedback.
• Motorcycle tyre derived construction gives high stability and excellent handling.
• new EVO scooter compounding for unlimited riding fun in all conditions.
• New materials offer less tyre weight and stiffer carcass, reducing wear by optimising the contact area.

Part # Description Price Stock
TYS1212070EVO21 PIRELLI EVO21 |120|70~|12|51L| TL $82.94 Out of stock Enquire
TYS1213070EVO22 PIRELLI EVO22 |130|70~|12|56L| TL $84.75 Out of stock Enquire
TYS1313060EVO21 PIRELLI EVO21 |130|60~|13|53L| TL FR $93.74 Out of stock Enquire
TYS1313060EVO22 PIRELLI EVO22 |130|60~|13|53L| TL RR $97.40 Ex Warehouse Enquire
TYS1314060EVO22 PIRELLI EVO22 |140|60~|13|57L| TL RR $99.15 Ex Warehouse Enquire
TYS1412070EVO21 PIRELLI EVO21 |120|70~-|14|55L| TL $90.16 Ex Warehouse Enquire
TYS1414070EVO22 PIRELLI EVO22 |140|70~|14|62L| TL $25.20 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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