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CONTINENTAL ContiSportAttack Tyres

Rear tyres available:

Supersports street tyre, at home and on the race track.

  • Multigrip technology- Homogenous grip grading with a single compound thanks to temperature controlled curing of the tire during the production process. Soft and grippy at the edges transitions steplessly to a harder wearing centre for greater mileage. 
  • 0° steel-belted construction, front and rear, guarantees excellent stability at high speeds and minimal kickback.
  • Excellent grip in the dry, and also the wet.  Very short warm-up phase thanks to the "Black Chilli" compound.
  • Good control when braking for corners.
  • Well defined and wide breakaway characteristics at maximum lean angle.
  • Extravagant New-Edge design for the tread pattern, perfect for modern sports bikes.

Simon Bowen, TWO Magazine:  "These tyres are going to suprise everyone and maybe even put a few noses out of joint.  More realistically, I doubt if you could fault them for road use in any conditions"

Have a look at the Competition comparison information, just click on the PDF file below.

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Part # Description Price Stock
C1613070CSA 130/70-16 ZR 61W TL CSA ContiSportAttack Tyres [A] $249.12 Out of stock Enquire
C1712070CSA 120/70-17 ZR 58W TL CSA ContiSportAttack Tyres [AC] $175.70 Out of stock Enquire
C1718055CSA 180/55-17 ZR73W TL CSA ContiSportAttack Tyres [AC] $229.70 Out of stock Enquire
C1719050CSA 190/50-17 ZR 73W TL ContiSportAttack Tubeless [A] $252.00 Out of stock Enquire
C1719055CSA 190/55-17 ZR75W TL Tyres ContiSportAttack [] $266.40 Out of stock Enquire

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