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Front & Rear tyres available:

The Conti RoadAttack2 from Europe's leading tyre manufacturer Continental is a new development for sports bikes and sports touring bikes.  Continental's development engineers in Korbach in the German federal state of Hesse have adapted the tyre tread and compound to accommodate the latest findings in tyre technology, which means that this tyre achieves more grip on wet roads and more on dry asphalt than its popular predecessor.  Handling and mileage performance has also been increased.

The new tyre offers a further safety benefit on sports bikes and sports touring bikes, thanks to its 'Continuous Compound Technology' - the combination of a soft compound on the sidewall with harder rubber across the middle of the tread increases safety during cornering, without having to sacrifice high mileage performance.  The use of 'Black Chili Compound' containing silica and carbon black, as used in the racing world, means faster heat build-up, something that is important for grip, especially on wet roads.  The tyre structure was also redesigned to achieve greater riding dynamics. 

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Part # Description Price Stock
C1811080CRA2 110/80-18 ZR58W TL CRA2 Front ContiRoadAttack2 Tyres [] $259.00 Out of stock Enquire
C1713080CRA2 130/80-17 R 65V TL CRA2 Tyre ContiRoad Attack 2 [] $279.00 Out of stock Enquire
C1716060CRA2 *160/60-17 ZR 69W TL CRA2 Rear ContiRoadAttack 2 Tyres [AC] $229.00 Out of stock Enquire
C1812070CRA2 120/70-18 ZR59W TL CRA2 Front ContiRoadAttack2 Tyres [AC] $267.00 Out of stock Enquire
C1816060CRA2 *160/60-18 R 70W TL CRA2 Rear ContiRoadAttack2 Tyres [A] $332.64 Out of stock Enquire
C1810090CRA2CR 100/90-18 R TL 56V CRA2CR ContiRoadAttack2 Comp Tyr [A] $299.00 Out of stock Enquire
C1811080CRA2CR 110/80-18 ZR58W TL CRA2C Front Classic Racing Tyre Tubeles[] $299.00 Out of stock Enquire
C1813080CRA2CR 130/80-18 R66V TL CRA2CRC Rear Classic Racing Tyre Tubeles[A] $379.00 Out of stock Enquire
C1815065CRA2CR 150/65-18 ZR TL CRA2CR Rear ContiRoadAttack2 Comp Tyre [A] $379.00 Out of stock Enquire

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