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Pirelli Diablo

The Ultimate Feeling What more could a rider want. Whether riding at high or low speed the Diablo provides the rider with a strong feeling of what is happening underneath them. The Diablos carcass has been specially developed to stiffen its dynamic behaviour and to reduce deformation under stress providing a greater contact area, which in turn supplies precise handling characteristics. The Diablo provides the hard rider with greater feeling of response, making coming out of a turn faster and the ability to accelerate way earlier than the competition. The Diablo - Hell for others

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Part # Description Price Stock
TYF1613070D PIRELLI DIABLO |130|70~ZR|16|| $299.40 Ex Warehouse Enquire
TYF1712070D PIRELLI DIABLO |120|70~ZR|17|58W| TL $288.31 Ex Warehouse Enquire
TYR1716060D PIRELLI DIABLO |160|60~ZR|17|69W| TL $339.86 Out of stock Enquire
TYR1718055D PIRELLI DIABLO |180|55~ZR|17|73W| TL $341.73 Ex Warehouse Enquire
TYR1719050D PIRELLI DIABLO |190|50~ZR|17|73W| TL $313.82 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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