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The Active-PLUS KIT200  is a compact portable high quality communication solution. The Active-PLUS provides adjustable volume control between Rider and Pillion, as well as features such as Side-Tone Hearing, VOX, Auto Music Muting. Can be 12volt bike or 9volt battery powered.
Autocom KIT200 can be installed in most helmet brands and transferred when you upgrade your helmet. Fitting guidlines are available for common brands.

The secret lies in Autocom’s noise cancelling headset/microphone setup. Purpose-designed, precison-tuned ports linked to the twin sided microphone cancel out surrounding noise.

Full duplex allows rider and pillion to speak at the same time. The system automatically drops music volume when someone speaks.  This system enables voice clarity up to 160 MPH!

AC-0001-0200 SINGLE RIDER KIT  (KIT 200 Single rider )

  • 1 x Easi-PLUS Main Unit 1003

  • 1 x Rider Headset 1153

  • 1 x Rider Extension Lead 1179

  • 1 x Standard Phone Lead 1238

  • 1 x Standard Music Lead 1307

  • 1 x Bike Power Lead 1536

  • 1 x Bike Fitting Kit 1528

  • 1 x Instruction Manual                                 

Can be expanded with: Rider-to-Pillion - Add extra headset; Stereo Music - Add MP3 player/walkman; Mobile Phone - Add connector to suit your mobile; Bike-to-Bike - Add a transceiver

* For Rider to Pillion add: 1 x 1153 (headset) & 1 x 1179 (7 pin helmet extension lead)



Part # Description Price Stock
AC-0001-0150 AUTOCOM EASI-RIDER KIT 150 $399.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-0195 AUTOCOM 5 PIN TO 7 PIN LEAD $49.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1204 AUTOCOM FOAM SPKR PAD 12MM $6.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1214 AUTOCOM MIC COVER SET STD $6.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1248 AUTOCOM NOKIA PHONE ADAPTER $49.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1257 AUTOCOM MOTOROLA PHONE ADAPTER $49.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1273 AUTOCOM BLUETOOTH ADAPTER $249.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1282 AUTOCOM INPUT LEAD GPS RADAR $79.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1294 AUTOCOM INPUT LEAD GPS RADAR $19.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1297 AUTOCOM GPS CONNECTION TOM TOM $69.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1307 AUTOCOM STD MUSIC LEAD 1.5M $8.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1308 AUTOCOM STD MUSIC LEAD 2.0M $11.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1314 AUTOCOM ISOLATED MUSIC LEAD $79.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1321 AUTOCOM LEAD CAR STEREO LEAD $169.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1429 AUTOCOM TRANS LEAD 150MM STR $49.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1432 AUTOCOM TRANS LEAD 150MM STR $49.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1433 AUTOCOM TRANS LEAD 1M STR $49.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1434 AUTOCOM ICOM 5 PIN LEAD $59.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1440 AUTOCOM TRANS LEAD COILED $49.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire
AC-0001-1536 AUTOCOM BATTERY LEAD $19.95 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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