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Givi E470 Monolock Top Case


This case brings to 47 litres the maximum inner space offered in the MONOLOCK® range.

The wide reflector on both top shell sides increases the ride safety after twilight.

Suitable for low and medium powered motorcycles.

This top case is also available without the lid cover (item n° E470NS).  Choose from the range of coloured lids available to customise your motorcycle.

Options available:  Stop light and Back Rest

Disclaimer:  Givi's Monolock top cases are designed primarily for scooters or small capacity motorcycles whose use is typically urban commuting at speeds not exceeding 60kph.  Their lightweight construction is not intended for use on large capacity motorcycles at highway speeds, for these applications we recommend Givi's Monokey top and side cases.

More Info
Part # Description Price Stock
GI E470N E470 TOP CASE BLACK - Monolock $229.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI E470NS E470 TOP CASE w PAINTED COVER - Monolock $359.00 Out of stock Enquire
GI E470G730 E470 TOP CASE SILVER - Monolock $359.00 Out of stock Enquire
GI E470N902 GIVI E470 TOP BOX BLACK PAINTED - Monolock $359.00 Out of stock Enquire
GI C470B508 PAINTED COVER E470 BLUE $99.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI C470B529 PAINTED COVER E470 HONDA BLUE $99.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI C470B572 PAINTED COVER E470 DEEP BLUE $99.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI C470G730 PAINTED COVER E470 SILVER $99.00 Out of stock Enquire
GI C470G765 PAINTED COVER FOR E470 HONDA SILVER $99.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI C470G792 PAINTED LID E470 SILVER METALLIC $99.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI C470N901 PAINTED COVER E470 METALIC BLACK $99.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI C470N902 PAINTED COVER E470 BLACK $99.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI C470R301 PAINTED COVER E470 METALIC RED $99.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI E94 STOP LIGHT & CONTACTS E450/E470 $89.00 Out of stock Enquire
GI E110 BACKREST E470 $65.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
GI T502 INTERNAL SOFT BAG V47, V46, E41, E460, E360, E45, B47, E470, E450 $69.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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