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SPEED-X Balaclava



Three versions to choose from

  • BC701 - Full eye port in Cotton
  • BC703 - Twin eye ports (with nose cover)
  • BC705 - Full eye port in Motran. The Speed-X Motran polyester fibres offer an optimal microclimate. It is breathable, heat-insulating with an excellent moisture wicking. Very skin friendly.
  • The 100% Cotton balaclava is soft and kind to the skin.  Keeps your face warm and wears well.

Colour:  Black onlyKeywords: SPEED-X, speedx, SPEEDX, Speedx, SpeedX., roadgear,road.

Part # Description Price Stock
BC701 Speed-X balaclava black cotton full eye port [] $8.60 Out of stock Enquire
BC703 Speed-X balaclava black cotton twin eye port [AC] $8.60 Out of stock Enquire
BC705 Speed-X balaclava Motran blue breathable wickable [A] $12.90 Out of stock Enquire

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