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ARTRAX Race Nerf Bars T7




  • Race nerf bars were designed to be lightweight yet durable with lots of style. 
  • Sturdy heel backing with open side frame to release mud and debris.
  • Made from lightweight aluminum tubing, also features aggressive stainless race pegs.   
  • Nerf bars include black webbing.
  • Also available replacement webbing.


Available for:  LTR450, Raptor 700R, TRX450R, YFZ450R

Part # Description Price Stock
RNB195T7 *LTR450 Race nerf bars Suzuki Artrax [AC] $379.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
RNB197T7 Raptor 700R Race nerf bar Yamaha Artrax [A] $379.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
RNB206T7 LTZ400 Race nerf bars Suzuki Artrax [A] $379.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
RNB218T7 TRX450R Race nerf bars Artrax [A] $379.00 Ex Warehouse Enquire
RNB251T7B YFZ450R Race Nerf Bars Black Artrax [] $379.00 Out of stock Enquire
RNBCLAMP Race nerf bar clamp Artrax [AC] $6.88 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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