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TECH 7 -TRCO2K- Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

TRCO2K - Puncture Tyre Repair Kit from Tech7Keywords:  tech7, tech 7 repair, Tech7, tech seven,tools.

Handy, compact tubeless tyre puncture repair kit comes with all the essentials for a temporary roadside repair

Kit includes:- Ream Tool, rubber solution, rubber plugs, hook tool for plugs, knife, 3 x CO² canisters and tyre valve.

Part # Description Price Stock
TRCO2K Tubeless tyre repair kit T-reamer,plugs,CO2,valve [AC] $39.00 Out of stock Enquire
TRCO2B CO2 canister 16g refill replacement Tech7 [AC] $5.95 Out of stock Enquire

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