TECH 7 Alloy Rim Lock, Tyres - Tubes | Colemans Suzuki


TECH 7 Alloy Rim Lock



  • Moulded rubber flap to protect against abrasion of inner tube
  • Ribbed alloy contact surface locks tyre securely to the rim
  • Recommended for use on all off-road machines and any application using low tyre pressure.

Description: Part No: 
 Alloy rim lock 1.4-1.6  RLA160
Alloy rim lock 1.85 RLA185
Alloy rim lock 2.15 RLA215
Alloy rim lock 2.50 RLA250


Part # Description Price Stock
RLA160 Alloy rim lock 1.4-1.6 Tech7 [AC] $12.50 Ex Warehouse Enquire
RLA185 Alloy rim lock 1.85 Tech7 [AC] $12.50 Ex Warehouse Enquire
RLA215 Alloy rim lock 2.15 Tech7 [AC] $12.50 Ex Warehouse Enquire
RLA250 Alloy rim lock 2.50 Tech7 [A] $13.60 Ex Warehouse Enquire

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