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Rim Locks & Rim Protectors

A rim lock will help keep that more aggressive tire from slipping on the rim under
hard acceleration or braking, saving your inner tube's valve stem from being
damaged. Plus, you'll be able to utilize lower tire inflation pressures, greatly
enhancing off-road traction.

Description: Part No: 
 MK20A RL140/160 SEC160
MK20B RL185 SEC185
MK20C RL215 SEC215
 MK79 RL216 SEC215B

Part # Description Price Stock
SEC160 Rim Lock MK20A RL140/160 [AC] $5.90 Out of stock Enquire
SEC185 Rim Lock MK20B RL185 [AC] $5.90 Out of stock Enquire
SEC215 Rim Lock MK20C RL215 [AC] $6.00 Out of stock Enquire
SEC215B Rim Lock MK79 RL216 [AC] $9.90 Out of stock Enquire

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